Monday, 11 June 2012

Starweed - Buckshorn Plantain

Plantago coronopus

starweed - buckshorn plantain
General - Starweed also widely known as  Buckshorn Plantain  is an annual or perennial weed, it is very common on sandy free draining coastal sites. This weed grows as a flat rosette type plant that can tolerate close mowing.

Leaves - The leaves are long and thin with prominent toothed edges. They are generally hairy but can be occasionally smooth.

Flowers - The small cylindrical flowers are bourn on a long stalk and flower between May and October.

Roots - Starweed produces a strong tap root.

Habitat - This weed can grow in many habitats but prefers sandy free draining soils. It is very common on coastal sites.

Cultural Control - Starweed can be hand weeded, but be sure to remove the whole plant. As weeds are opportunistic and look for bare areas of soil, a good maintenance program that encourages a thick sward will help discourage lawn weeds.

Chemical Control - If the weed is kept in check by the cultural methods, chemicals should rarely be needed to control Starweed. However if the problem is widespread, most selective weed killers will kill this weed. All selective weed killers are more effective during periods of active growth, usually between April and September.


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